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    A few years ago I was in the market for game fencing our property. I contacted Fred and we discussed my plans for the place and what I had in mind. What stood out for me was his technique for setting line post. He explained their process and how much stronger the fence would be by using their technique. A portion of our existing fence was relatively new and both agreed on raising it by use of T-post extenders and adding more line post. Now, here is where it got interesting. This past October we experienced torrential rains leading to flooding. The fence that we had raised gave way and was partially laid over. What caught my attention was Fred's line post were still in place and supporting the fence which was partially laid over. I called Fred to construct the original water gap which he and his father had suggested a few years prior to the flood.
    The only thing that I would do differently would be to have them install the water gaps which they suggested in the first place. Lesson learned on my part.
    Brian Harwell