Before building any new construction on your property, the site needs to be properly developed on reliable terrain. With this in mind, you’re going to need an excavation contractor for a ground-leveling consultation. We do everything we need to clear your area so it's ready for new construction.

It doesn’t matter how large your property is, we’ve handled areas as large as 500 acres, and we specialize in large acreage properties. We have a fleet of bulldozers ready to go to work on your property's clearing and excavation. We provide mulch clearing as well, to clear away any vegetation that gets in the way of the project. Once this is complete, we can get to work on your property’s fixtures. We construct building pads for homes to help aid parts of the excavated area for construction. To help fill out the property, don’t forget to ask about our pond building. We can excavate an area specifically to fill with water that can then be converted into a proper pond, of the size most fitting to you. For particularly large properties, we can aid in the construction of dirt road building. No matter what your property is for, whether for housing development, farming, or game, a quality, easy-to-navigate, and easy-to-maintain dirt road is essential.

Whether the lot needs dozer work, or land clearing, we get your project started right. After your lot is prepared, our residential excavation service can begin the process of excavation for your project. Of course, don’t forget to ask about our water tank and fence installation options once the property is clear. After we’re done with clearing the property, our road work experts will aid you in the process of dirt road building.

For more information on everything our fence company can do for you, contact us at Fred Nuncio's Fencing & Construction LLC in Brady, TX today!